Georgia District


Sponsored by The Opera Guild for Atlanta

For more than forty years The Opera Guild for Atlanta has given leadership and generous financial support to The Metropolitan Opera National Council’s (MONC) efforts to discover young artists.  The Georgia District Auditions attract talented and gifted singers who compete in the Atlanta area each year.

November 19, 2016 MONC Georgia District Winners pictured below.

November 21, 2015, MONC Georgia District winners pictured below.


AOG, GA MONC district auditions, MONC, winners, 2014

The Opera Guild organizes a dinner the evening prior to the auditions in honor of the judges who have been selected by the MONC  for the auditions.  This is at a prestigious location within the city and provides dinner, entertainment, and an introduction of the judges.

The Opera Guild partners with the MONC and its directors to provide a location, an audition environment, and volunteers to coordinate the various activities for the auditions.